Apple store San Francisco opens its doors

01/09/2018 seele realized the main and rear façades, the glazing to the east façade and the glass stairs, skylights, doors and balustrades for Apple retail in San Francisco. The highlight is a sliding section with an astounding height of 13m and 12m wide steel-and-glass construction.

State-of-the-art engineering was demanded for the façade of the new retail store in San Francisco. It takes just 7 minutes to open the sliding sections of the main façade, which entails moving more than 40t. The result is unrestricted views into and out of the building. This façade concept is repeated at the rear of the store, where another pair of huge sliding sections provides access to a rear courtyard. Also the assembly was an important aspect: The portal frames were raised to the vertical position with a crane, lifted over the building and installed.