Welding certification for the Canadian market

12/08/2017 seele pilsen has been certified to fabricate structural and miscellaneous steel for buildings for the Canadian market. Without this admission no welded constructions with static bearing function can be exported to Canada.

The certification “CSA Standard W47.1” attests the admission to weld steel constructions with static bearing function for the Canadian market. To get this certified qualification seele pilsen is tested every six months. The employees’ skills as well as special requirements for building projects are examined by an auditor of the "Canadian Welding Bureau" (CWB). For example: Special welding seams have to be checked, if they don't exist in the Canadian standard, but needed for Canadian projects like TEC Bridge in Toronto or Brookfield Place in Calgary. In general, no one is allowed to export welded constructions with static bearing function to Canada without this certification. In Europe just a few companies have the admission, but in case of architectural steel construction seele pilsen is the only company with this welding certification.

You can find the certification in the download area of seele pilsen.