Architectural steelwork made by seele

05/26/2020 The seele group designs and builds façades worldwide, and the experts at seele pilsen in the Czech Republic are responsible for the group’s technologically challenging structural steelwork requirements. A workforce of more than 100 designs and fabricates unique structures with maximum precision for architectural milestones worldwide.

Structural steelwork is a crucial element in many building designs. Maximum precision and minimum tolerances form the basis for technically flawless façades and, as a result, pay for themselves in terms of both economics and timing. The seele plant in Plzeň was established back in 1996 and since then has been regarded as a pioneer and an innovative partner for architects and clients. All the steelwork designs produced comply fully with each project specification in terms of engineering and aesthetics. The high quality demands cover all phases of production. With a total production floor area of about 4,200sqm and a high degree of automation, even the largest projects with complex geometries can be handled efficiently.

More information can be found in our latest press release:

steelwork made by seele

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