Project film shows the assembly of the steel A-frame of Wisdom Hall ICONSIAM

05/06/2020 Wisdom Hall is located at the highest point of Bangkok’s luxury shopping centre, ICONSIAM. It extends over three storeys and will house a museum. The project film gives spectacular insights into the lifting of the A-frame into its final position.

Owing to the situation on site and the weight of the steel A-frame (about 80t) for the triangular glass front façade, the frame could not be lifted to the topmost platform in one piece. Therefore, the 17 separate parts were lifted up to a platform supported on falsework in front of Wisdom Hall, where they were then welded together and painted. During assembly, the bottom of the frame was also connected to the building via a hinge mechanism. It took 2½ hours to raise the A-frame into position with two synchronised strand jacks and bolt it to the steel roof structure.

You can go to our YouTube channel to see the entire project film: