Capricorn Bridge project diary

06/24/2019 40 tons of steel and 60 trapezoidal and triangular insulating glass panes form the Capricorn Bridge in Düsseldorf. The bridge, designed by Gatermann + Schossig Architekten, connects two buildings. One of the special features is its structural concept.

The bridge structure, with a total length of 35m, consists of a closed, tubular grid shell with glazing made of insulated glass units each up to 8.1 x 3.0m. The bend in the bridge, evident in the horizontal section, ensures an exact connection to both buildings. The loads of the bridge are absorbed solely by means of the steel structure in the glazed middle column. 

Have a look at the steel construction, the glass production, the assembly of the glass elements and from July the assembly of this impressive bridge by following the project diary under:

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