Installation at a height of 210m at "The Henderson"

06/28/2023 The installation work in the tower top area of "The Henderson" on Hong Kong's Murray Road is progressing successfully. At an impressive height of 210m, the panels of the Banquet Hall façade are being installed.

The approx. 375sqm glass façade on the 37th and 38th floors consists of curved glass panes. These are nearly 7m tall, 2m wide, and weigh 3t. Their assembly requires the use of two cranes: a crane on the ground first lifts the panes onto the tower top. There, a roof crane takes over, which is installed on top of The Henderson and enables the precise and safe placement of the glass panels.

A big thank you goes to the installation team, who have been doing an outstanding job since the start of assembly at the end of May, at temperatures of up to 41°C/105°F and a humidity of 99%.

More information about the project here.

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