New development of a manipulator

07/25/2022 seele is not only a specialist in the field of innovative façade solutions, but also offers developments in the field of special machinery. Time and again, special manipulators are needed for assembly. Tests of a new type of manipulator have just been successfully completed.

The manipulator, which is operated completely independently of the crane by an electric-hydraulic power unit, was operated with 2 radio remote controls over 7 axes during the tests on a mobile crane with a boom length of up to 82 metres. The manipulator can be operated at different speeds to enable the necessary millimetre-precise positioning of the up to 25m² large elements on the construction site. The conception and construction of this special purpose machinery took about a year. The investment will be worthwhile, because assembly on site will now be all the more efficient. The experts are sure that this manipulator will have an enormous benefit on many more projects.