New project in Canada: TEC Bridge Toronto

05/03/2017 TEC Bridge, which is an encased pedestrian bridge of approx. 35m in length, is built in the center of the city of Toronto. Besides design and production of different components, a special assembly concept includes seele's service.

On Queen Street at the height of the 2nd floor the bridge connects the Hudson's Bay Shopping Mall and the Toronto Eaton Centre (TEC), two of the city's biggest shopping and office complexes. The focus of the draft of Wilkinson Eyre Architects is on the connection of brass and glass. seele's service includes the design, the production and installation of different laminated glass panes as well as bronze-colored brass plates, hand rails, stainless steel grids and the steel construction. The specialty of this project is the installation concept of seele. The challenge lies in the assembly of the TEC Bridge on Toronto's biggest shopping mile. To make this possible, busy Queen Street has to be closed for only two weekends. In a side street, named James Street, the new bridge will be pre-assembled, all components will be delivered to James Street and mounted upon a temporary sub-construction. Thereafter, the bridge is raised hydraulically and transported to its final position in Queen Street. seele is also responsible for the removal of the old bridge.