Opening of the New Tate Modern Gallery

07/27/2016 The eagerly awaited opening of London’s New Tate Modern Gallery took place on 16 June 2016. seele produced, shipped and installed a total of 1,850 different façade elements for this ambitious project.

London, UK. The new extension, designed by Herzog & de Meuron, supplements the first Tate Modern Gallery, which was completed in 2000. New Tate Modern is reminiscent of a pyramid, and with its façade of facing clay brickwork cladding it matches the existing building perfectly. The long horizontal window strips, most of which continue around the edges of the pyramid, not only ensure good levels of daylight inside and good views across London’s skyline, but also link the asymmetric, differently sized elevations.

seele designed, shipped and installed about 3,000sqm of elements for the horizontal window strips, parts of which are hidden behind the clay brickwork cladding that is a feature of the New Tate Modern Gallery. Some window strips are vertical, others inclined, and include a total of 351 roller blinds as sunshades. Furthermore, the project included 520sqm of rooflights, 100sqm of vertical glazing, several external louvres and a sloping, 200sqm entrance facade with sliding doors at ground floor level. All in all there were 1,850 different façade elements that seele had to fabricate, ship and install for this project.

You can read more about the project here.