Tomorrow’s generation – securing seele’s skills in façade design and construction

09/05/2016 As in previous years, we recently welcomed a group of new trainees who started their courses on 1 September.

Some 21 business, practical and technical apprentices were pleased to start their courses in Gersthofen, plus one in Obing, three in Schörfling in Austria and two in Plzeň in the Czech Republic. Besides, for example, the schemes for industrial business management assistants or metalworkers, it is those for technical system designers for steel and metal construction that attract most newcomers each year. In addition, school-leavers who have passed the necessary examinations can join a combined study scheme. This year seele is supporting five combined study scheme students who are starting their practical semester as part of their Bachelor of Engineering courses in façade engineering and project management.  

Apart from the new trainees, this year there were 23 apprentices at our headquarters alone who passed their final examination. Our specialist departments are looking forward to the influx of qualified newcomers who will assure a good supply of competent staff for the future of façade design and construction.

If you, too, would like to launch your career at seele, the façade specialist with global operations, then apply now to start training in 2017. Click here to find out about the apprenticeship opportunities at seele in Gersthofen, not far from Augsburg, or at one of our other locations.