first look at the light eyes of Stuttgart 21

07/03/2024 "Curtain up!" was the motto on 2 July 2024, when a light eye was ceremoniously unveiled. With the removal of the assembling net and protective film, the work on the light eye is largely complete – a significant milestone for the façade construction specialist seele.

The light eyes in the roof of the future train shed give the lighthouse project its characteristic design and also provide fresh air and daylight in the underground station. During the work on the structures, all the steel and glass constructions were enclosed and covered with an assembly net, so that until now it has only been possible to guess how flooded with light the arrivals hall will be.

SWR accompanied the construction of the light eyes, from the installation of the assembly net and the chalice supports to the unveiling of the finished light eye. In the video, site manager Martin Hillebrand gives an insight into the work on the construction site.

Andreas Hafner, Managing Director of seele GmbH, was just as proud as Hillebrand at the unveiling: "Our passion is to turn architects' plans into reality as highly accurate as possible and without compromise. Today is the day and we get an impression of how great Stuttgart's railway station will look one day."

seele is realising a total of 27 light eyes and 3 access structures to the track hall, the so-called grid shells, as part of Stuttgart 21. You can read more details about the project here.

first look at the light eyes of Stuttgart 21

© Kiveli Papadopoulou / DB