seele at the IASS 2018 in Boston

07/09/2018 The IASS - International Association for Shell and Spatial Structures - symposium will take place in Boston from July 16 to 20, 2018. The symposium, held at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), brings together leading designers and researchers from the fields of construction engineering and architecture. seele will present the topic digitisation of grid-shell designs.

Together with SOM, a paper on "Metal and Glass Grid-Shell Design: Flexible Integration of Digital Design and Fabrication Tools" was submitted. In his lecture on July 16, 2018, Dr. Fabian Schmid of seele will use current projects in the field of steel-glass shell structures to explain what has changed in recent years as a result of optimizations and how digital tools can improve flexible design, planning, production and project organization processes in the future.

More information about the IASS symposium can be found here.