Sustainability at seele

04/22/2022 Sustainability, minimising our carbon footprint and dealing with resources in a responsible way have been intrinsic to the corporate philosophy of seele. This attitude is firmly anchored in the company and the professional circles in which we operate.

Our conceptual approach consists of the following guiding principle

  1. Minimise, substitute, compensate – in that order
  2. Lean philosophy to minimise any type of waste
  3. Continuous sorting of waste in all areas, with recovery to achieve maximum recycling quotas (one example is our 90/10 ratio: min. 90% recycling / max. 10% residual waste)

True to this approach, we are always striving to improve in all areas of the company. For example, 100% renewable energy is used at the Gersthofen site, the amount of waste has been halved within three years and an emissions calculation model has been developed that allows us to exploit the entire CO2 saving potential of a project.

These are just some of the measures we are taking. Conscious use of resources on the one hand, honest use of what is technically feasible on the other, can only succeed through dialogue between all those involved in the project. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Sustainability has been intrinsic to seele’s corporate philosophy ever since the company was founded