“You’ll never make it!” – video shooting at seele

04/11/2022 Finding the needle in the haystack, being flashed by the police on ice skates or building a shelf under water – these are typical challenges in the German YouTube format “Das schaffst Du nie!” (You’ll never make it!), which the two hosts Ariane Alter and Sebastian Meinberg have to face alternately.

On 18 March 2022, the broadcasting company Bayerischer Rundfunk was our guest, to shoot a new episode for the video format of the content-network “Funk”.

This time, the challenge for the host Sebastian was to rescue a plush cat from the third floor. To do this, he had to climb up the glass façade of our high-rise building dressed as Batman – and only with the help of four glass suction cups. Meanwhile other challenges were set, to make it even more difficult for him.

Watch the new video now on YouTube to see whether Sebastian won the challenge or not.

Video shooting for "You'll never make it" at seele in Gersthofen

In this challenge, host Sebastian had to climb our façade only with four glass suction cups.