Tested by seele – extensive performance tests at our test centre

02/01/2024 There is currently a high level of activity at our test centre in Gersthofen/Germany: In the upcoming weeks, comprehensive design and performance tests for numerous projects are scheduled.

The requirements vary significantly: a mock-up for a project in the US involves an endurance test for a moving façade, and heat resistance is rigorously examined for another project. Particularly spectacular is a 9m tall mock-up showcasing an entire building corner. At our test centre, we can test our constructions in accordance with international guidelines and customer-specific requirements. The testing options we use are as individual as our projects: whether conventional loading and performance tests for rain and wind, visual mock-ups, or special tests, such as those against hurricane impacts.

A hurricane in Gersthofen? The wind generator used at seele for the façade testing according to international standards is powered by an Antonov An-2 engine.