seele was commissioned with the design, production and assembly of the all-glass cube and the walkway tunnel.


All-glass façade


Walkway tunnel


Glasses with groove cut

a play of water and glass: the apple store al maryah island in abu dhabi

Located in the heart of Abu Dhabi’s international financial centre, the luxury mall “The Galleria Al Maryah Island” has extraordinary views of the city’s skyline and waterfront promenade. The new Apple Store, designed by Foster + Partners, is spectacularly showcased in an elevated position, surrounded by black granite steps with water cascading over them. Visitors reach the store via two bridges or through the tunnel-like walkway, a passage connecting the store and the shopping mall.

  • The water spectacle continues inside the enclosed walkway, which features water flowing down over the outside of the side walls. Their exterior surfaces are unique: the 18 laminated safety glass panels have a specially produced surface texture with a grooved finish that creates an unmistakable play of light and colour. The multifaceted optical effects vary depending on one’s viewing angle and how the light falls. Moreover, the milled finish, which was precisely calculated in the planning phase, regulates the water’s flow velocity and affects the structural behaviour of the glass panels under the site’s extreme climatic conditions. The walkway leads into the cube-like retail store, whose all-glass façade was also the responsibility of seele. The façade consists of 36 laminated safety glass panels, each measuring 3 × 6.2m.

    Along with the exacting fabrication of the glass panels, their installation – done within a confined space and during uninterrupted operation of the neighbouring shops and restaurants – was a challenge that seele mastered with excellence.

    Header image: © Nigel Young / Foster + Partners

© Nigel Young / Foster + Partners
The new Apple Store Al Maryah Island, designed by Foster + Partners, is spectacularly staged.
© Nigel Young / Foster + Partners
The impressive water feature of the retail store continues in the "Walkway", with water flowing over the side walls.
© Nigel Young / Foster + Partners
Visitors reach the store via the so-called "Walkway".
© Nigel Young / Foster + Partners
The salesroom is located in the rectangular retail store, for which seele was responsible for the all-glass façade.
© Nigel Young / Foster + Partners
Especially at night, the retail store becomes a visual highlight with its water feature and lighting.
© Nigel Young / Foster + Partners
The outer glass surfaces of the walkway have a specially processed surface structure with a groove cut.


Client Mubadalah
Main contractor Al Nasr Contracting L.L.C.
Architect Foster + Partners
Engineer Eckersley O'Callaghan
Date of completion 2022
Scope of work by seele

Design, production and installation of

  • connecting passage to the existing building, consisting of
    • 64sqm insulating glass units (laminated safety glass, LSG)
    • a portal frame with stainless steel cladding, integrated into the existing façade
  • steel and glass cuboid (store) consisting of
    • an all-glass façade (713sqm): 36 laminated safety glass (LSG) panels (3m × 6.2m) and insulating glass units (3 × 12mm LSG + 2 × 12mm LSG)
    • primary steel structure including four load-bearing steel columns, 12t each
    • three entrance doors (swing doors)
  • walkway tunnel (237sqm)
    • 18 insulating glass units (6 × 12mm LSG + 2 × 12mm LSG), (2.4m to max. 6m)