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101. Fendi Store, Tokyo, Japan  
…Fendi Store in Tokyo: steel and glass construction made by seele  
102. seele at the IASS 2018 in Boston  
… with SOM, a paper on "Metal and Glass Grid-Shell Design: Flexible Integration of Digital…  
103. Office building, production hall / Halstenbek, Germany  
… requirements for a building in a unique way. The glass sandwich façade encloses the office building and the…  
104. 210406_seele_Projects_NewYork_EN_external.pdf  
…cts in new york 01 Trinity Church (sacral building) steel-glass-canopy for the entrance are of the church…  
105. 25 years se-austria  
Tag der offenen Tür bei se-austria in Schörfling am Attersee anlässlich des 25. Jubiläums … and design, plan and realize complex steel and glass architecture and spectacular building envelopes all…  
106. TEC Bridge, Toronto, Canada  
… TEC Bridge in Toronto: steel-and-glass design  
107. ICONSIAM Wisdom Hall, Bangkok, Thailand  
… | Lowings included a cable net front façade with glass façades sloping back from this at the sides, all…  
108. Baker Street, London, UK  
…Baker Street in London: steel-and-glass design  
109. Regional economic award “Vöckla Award” for seele in Austria  
… and design, plan and realize complex steel-and-glass architecture, all-glass designs and spectacular…  
110. Imagebroschuere_PDFWeb_EN.pdf  
… paves the way to new answers. for steel-and-glass designs, unitised façades, structural glazing and…  
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