DIN 2304-1 Certificate Confirms Highest Quality in Adhesives Technology

04/23/2020 seele was the first company in the field of glass façades and glass roof structures to be certified with the highest security level (S1) in accordance with DIN 2304-1 "Adhesive bonding technology – Quality requirements for adhesive bonding processes".

Almost all the construction projects completed by façades specialist seele in recent years have included bonded joints – from straightforward sealed connections right up to structural joints without any mechanical fasteners. Many years of experience had already led to well-developed adhesive bonding procedures plus corresponding QA measures. The know-how has also been successively expanded and personnel with the corresponding expertise has been built up, as the bonding, especially in architecture, must meet the highest quality standards with regard to the safety aspect. The professional approach of seele has now been confirmed by the DIN 2304 certificate.

More information can be found in the current press release.

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