Spectacular entrance for the new 33rd Penn Station

04/07/2020 Approximately 650.000 people use the junction at the famous Madison Square Garden every day and thus make Penn Station to one of the most important train stations in New York. seele realises the complex cable façade of the new main entrance according to plans by AECOM/SOM.

An A-shaped steel frame combined with a cable façade and double-curved glass laminates creates a 277sqm and 12m high canopy. To reach an inclination of 45 degrees, the steel structure for the anticlastic cable façade must be manufactured with a precamber. Due to the design of the steel structure the sufaces and weld seams require high-precision machining.

Find out more about this challenging project on the corresponding reference page: https://seele.com/references/33rd-penn-station-entrance

seele realized new entrance for 33rd Penn Station