New white paper: bronze, brass and copper in façade constructions

10/29/2019 The second white paper of seele deals with the current material trend in architecture: Bronze, brass and copper. Façade specialist seele follows this trend by using the latest production methods. Methods such as additive manufacturing or the combination of post-processing and patination are giving rise to numerous new design options for bronze, brass and copper. Extensive material knowledge and many years of experience are the prerequisites for the use of this high-quality group of materials.

Bronze, brass and copper are enjoying another revival in recent years due to their use by a growing number of architects, especially in North America and the UK. The use of copper alloys has a long tradition in the building industry. Copper and copper alloys are among the oldest technically used materials. In the building industry, copper is the most important non-ferrous metal besides aluminium. In current architectural designs, copper is used in many places and, due to its special properties, meets important functions.

You can find the new white paper here.

Façade specialist seele follows the new material trend bronze, brass and copper.