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02/28/2024 With ISOshade®, seele is pooling its expertise in a unique façade product. ISOshade® is a façade that fulfils various tasks – equipped with a smart sun shading system in the cavity, state-of-the-art sensor technology and a digital interface to the building control system. ISOshade® has already proven its efficiency in many projects. Now seele is realising a 2,700 sqm ISOshade® façade in Munich. Michael Seele, Sales Director, explains in an interview what drives the façade construction specialist to constantly refine ISOshade®.

The "Stuttgart 21" infrastructure project, "The Henderson" skyscraper in Hong Kong, the "Los Angeles County Museum of Art" – this is only a brief excerpt from seele's current project list. The company creates high-quality façades and roof constructions for numerous prestigious building projects around the world. Through intensive dialogue with top architecture firms worldwide, seele deals with the increasing demands on building envelopes on a daily basis: Thermal transmittance, energy transmittance, durability, sustainability, interface to the building control system, etc. All in all, a façade must perform very efficiently in order to fulfil all requirements. In addition, seele is involved in interdisciplinary research projects to further advance building shells. seele has developed ISOshade® based on its extensive expertise in the field of façades. The product has long since proven itself on the market, while at the same time customers benefit from the latest technological innovations that seele applies to ISOshade®. Michael Seele explains what makes ISOshade® so unique.

What distinguishes ISOshade® from a conventional double façade?

"ISOshade® is a high-performance and energy-efficient double façade with integrated sun shading that fulfils all the requirements of an economical building envelope. In comparison with other products, the advantages of our façade element are clear to see. In addition to effective sound insulation, low heat loss and efficient sun and glare protection, ISOshade® impresses with its particularly low energy consumption and thus makes an important contribution to the sustainability of building operation. In addition, maintenance of the external venetian blind or vertical awning is particularly straightforward: an inspection flap provides unhindered access to the sun shading system and integrated sensors control the maintenance intervals. The simple design of the façade element also makes it easier to maintain ISOshade®."

What ist the special feature of ISOshade®?

"ISOshade® impresses with its minimalist design and is easy to handle – similar to insulating glass. An innovative technology is concealed in the closed cavity. A pressure equalisation system specially developed by seele regulates climate loads and reduces moisture ingress. There is a desiccant in the frame composite to prevent condensation in the space between the panes. This means that ISOshade® requires no external ventilation, no compressors and no pipework. Energy is only used to control the sun shading system."

To what extent does ISOshade® reflect the latest trends in the façade of the future?

"Since its market launch, we have continued to optimise ISOshade® so that the façade element not only keeps up with the times, but is also ahead of them. ISOshade® is already a smart façade product that is connected to the building management system and can react automatically to environmental influences. We are already researching the next generation: in future, AI will link the data from the ISOshade® sensors with other building automation systems. This will maximise the efficiency of building operation and predictive maintenance. As part of a German research project, seele is working on integrating the façade into digital architectural systems for multiple buildings. We will certainly incorporate the research results into ISOshade®."

seele is known for its unique, customised designs. How does a serial façade element fit into the portfolio?

"At seele, we have been working with a wide variety of materials for decades and realise architects’ most complex designs. Design, production and assembly go hand in hand. We have the expertise and the capacity to fulfil the ever-increasing demands on building envelopes with unparalleled quality – both for individual projects and in serial production. At ISOshade®, we combine our knowledge and successes from countless projects in one façade. We are constantly working on and researching the product so that it is always at the cutting edge of technology. With ISOshade®, our customers therefore receive a tried and tested product consisting of highly concentrated façade construction expertise."

seele ISOshade® – The Optimised Double Façade made by seele

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