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81. seele in Construction Heros  
Watch now on … accompanied the assembly of the 9t free-floating glass walkway for Bründl Sports in Kaprun. Watch the…  
82. Brook Green, 184 Shepherds Bush Road, London, UK  
…Brook Green in London: glass roof  
83. New maintenance system for the filigree roof construction of the Maximilian Museum  
Maintenance system for the glass roof of the Maximilian Museum in Augsburg …Recently assembly work was carried out at the barrel-vault glass roof of the Maximilian Museum in Augsburg, which was…  
84. seele’s unique design for residential buildings  
… Large façades in structural glazing or steel and glass create maximum transparency and breathtaking views.…  
85. Capricorn bridge, Dusseldorf, Germany  
…Capricorn bridge in Dusseldorf: steel-and-glass structure  
86. Conference "Glas im konstruktiven Ingenieurbau" 2018  
… TEC Bridge in Toronto and complex geometries in glass construction.  
87. New year, new office! seele, Inc. is now located in Long Island City  
seele Inc. is now located in a new office in Long Island City, New York … Inc. recently completed the steel-and-glass roof for Moynihan Train Hall in New York and is…  
88. Apple Park Visitor Center & Reception Buildings, Cupertino, USA  
…Apple Park Visitor Center and Reception Buildings: all-glass façades  
89. PUMA Flagship Store, New York City, USA  
…PUMA flagship store in New York City: steel-and-glass design  
90. Tiffany Flagship Store 5th Avenue, USA  
…Tiffany Flagship Store: Curved glass façade made by seele  
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