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Shaping progress, delivering perfect results, setting standards worldwide – if all this excites you, seele is exactly the right company for your career in construction. Because our construction engineers and skilled personnel are committed to working every single day for our shared success. At best with dedicated people like you. Discover more about the opportunities, challenges and prospects of the jobs awaiting your application at seele worldwide. Get further insights into seele’s work environment on our social media channels on sites including LinkedInInstagram or YouTube.

Why you should accept a job opportunity at seele

Our experts work at international locations on three continents to create the future of façade construction. The majority of job offers are concentrated at the two locations Gersthofen near Augsburg (DE, seele GmbH) and Schörfling (AT, se-austria GmbH & Co. KG). The production site in Pilsen and the offices for example in New York, London and Hong Kong also offer an attractive working environment. The following benefits characterise us (may vary from site to site):

mitarbeiter blechbearbeitung (w/m/d)
pointerGersthofen (GER)
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cnc-programmierer im bereich zerspanung / fräsen (w/m/d)
pointerGersthofen (GER)
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46 vacancies found

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  • Career level
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    • Student worker
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  • Field of activity
    • Finance & Controlling
    • Quality Assurance
    • Sales
    • IT
    • Production
    • Logistics
    • Design
    • Project Management
    • Engineering
    • Installation
    • Procurement
    • Human Resources
  • Locations
    • Las Vegas (US)
    • Hongkong (HK)
    • New York (US)
    • Gersthofen (GER)
    • Schörfling (AT)
    • Pilsen (CZ)
Job title Field of activity Location
mitarbeiter blechbearbeitung (w/m/d) Production Gersthofen (GER)icn_arrow-right
cnc-programmierer im bereich zerspanung / fräsen (w/m/d) Production Gersthofen (GER)icn_arrow-right
cnc-fräser / zerspanungsmechaniker (w/m/d) Production Gersthofen (GER)icn_arrow-right
qualitätstechniker (w/m/d) Quality Assurance Schörfling (AT)icn_arrow-right
hr allrounder in vollzeit (w/m/d) Human Resources Schörfling (AT)icn_arrow-right
bilanzbuchhalter (w/m/d) Finance & Controlling Gersthofen (GER)icn_arrow-right
projektmanager bauwesen (w/m/d) Project Management Gersthofen (GER)icn_arrow-right
team assistant (w/m/d) Design Gersthofen (GER)icn_arrow-right
reinigungskraft (w/m/d) in teilzeit ca. 30 std./woche Production Schörfling (AT)icn_arrow-right
schweißfachingenieur / facharbeiter schweißtechnik (w/m/d) Engineering Gersthofen (GER)icn_arrow-right
Junior Projektmanager Bauwesen (w/m/d) Project Management Schörfling (AT)icn_arrow-right
it-teamassistent (w/m/d) IT Gersthofen (GER)icn_arrow-right
anwendungsentwickler workflow- und prozessautomatisierung (w/m/d) IT Gersthofen (GER)icn_arrow-right
lehre zum bautechnischen assistenten (m/w/d) 2023 Project Management Schörfling (AT)icn_arrow-right
data- & software engineer - digitalisierung (w/m/d) IT Schörfling (AT)icn_arrow-right
monteur (w/m/d) Installation Gersthofen (GER)icn_arrow-right
obermonteur (w/m/d) Installation Gersthofen (GER)icn_arrow-right
procurement manager / einkäufer (w/m/d) Procurement Gersthofen (GER)icn_arrow-right
werkstudent projektmanagement (w/m/d) Project Management Gersthofen (GER)icn_arrow-right
structural engineer (w/m/d) Design Gersthofen (GER)icn_arrow-right
umwelt- und energiemanagementbeauftragter (w/m/d) Quality Assurance Gersthofen (GER)icn_arrow-right
project manager bauwesen (w/m/d) Project Management Schörfling (AT)icn_arrow-right
fachinformatiker systemintegration / it-support (w/m/d) IT Gersthofen (GER)icn_arrow-right
elektrotechniker (w/m/d) Engineering Gersthofen (GER)icn_arrow-right
techniker / ingenieur türen- und öffnungselemente (w/m/d) Engineering Gersthofen (GER)icn_arrow-right
cad-designer / konstrukteur (w/m/d) Design Gersthofen (GER)icn_arrow-right
softwareentwickler .net (w/m/d) IT Gersthofen (GER)icn_arrow-right
softwareentwickler java (w/m/d) IT Gersthofen (GER)icn_arrow-right
it-systemadministrator / system engineer (w/m/d) IT Gersthofen (GER)icn_arrow-right
ausbildung zum metallbauer konstruktionstechnik (w/m/d) 2023 Production Gersthofen (GER)icn_arrow-right
ausbildung zur fachkraft für lagerlogistik (w/m/d) 2023 Logistics Gersthofen (GER)icn_arrow-right
ausbildung zum technischen systemplaner stahl- und metallbautechnik (w/m/d) 2023 Design Gersthofen (GER)icn_arrow-right
duales studium bachelor of engineering – wirtschaftsingenieurwesen (w/m/d) 2023 Engineering Gersthofen (GER)icn_arrow-right
metallbauer / konstruktionsmechaniker (w/m/d) Production Gersthofen (GER)icn_arrow-right
ausbildung zum fachinformatiker anwendungsentwicklung (w/m/d) 2023 IT Gersthofen (GER)icn_arrow-right
duales studium bachelor of science – informatik (w/m/d) 2023 IT Gersthofen (GER)icn_arrow-right
duales studium bachelor of science – wirtschaftsinformatik (w/m/d) 2023 IT Gersthofen (GER)icn_arrow-right
ausbildung zum fachinformatiker systemintegration (w/m/d) 2023 IT Gersthofen (GER)icn_arrow-right
site financial coordinator (f/m/d) Finance & Controlling Las Vegas (US)icn_arrow-right
health and safety supervisor (f/m/d) Quality Assurance Hongkong (HK)icn_arrow-right
sales manager (f/m/d) Sales New York (US)icn_arrow-right
werkstudent bi / datawarehouse (w/m/d) IT Gersthofen (GER)icn_arrow-right
konstrukteur / berufseinsteiger (w/m/d) Design Schörfling (AT)icn_arrow-right
konstrukteur / design manager (w/m/d) Design Schörfling (AT)icn_arrow-right
sales manager (w/m/d) Sales Gersthofen (GER)icn_arrow-right
schweißfachingenieur / facharbeiter schweißtechnik (w/m/d), international welding engineer Production Pilsen (CZ)icn_arrow-right

Employees from different departments share how they decided to build a career at seele

Andreas Hafner

Managing Director
seele GmbH (DE)

The unique projects and the collaboration with the best architects worldwide inspire me. It's great to turn these ideas into reality with a great team. The designs are so extraordinary that new technologies, not rarely even new machines and production methods, have to be developed.

Sebastian Birnbaum

Chef in the staff canteen
seele GmbH (DE)


Victoria Hackl

Team Leader Design
se-austria GmbH & Co. KG (AT)


seele jobs and occupational fields

Engineering & Design
Engineering & Design
Project Management
Project Management
Materials Management & Logistics
Materials Management: Purchasing & Logistics

Jobs at seele: One of the world's best addresses in façade construction

Globally networked and yet closely linked: Expertise from development and production flows to and from our business processes. With a job at seele, you will become an integral part of the technology leader in façade construction, where assembly jobs, construction design jobs and jobs in metalworking contribute to our company’s success, as do the jobs in purchasing and logistics, project management jobs and those in other fields.
State-of-the-art project management techniques and efficient knowledge management are the key to seele’s success. Our corporate vision encompasses more than just the sustainable training and development of our employees. For each of our commissions, we think about resource conservation and energy efficiency in order to minimise CO₂ emissions as much as possible. Only by working together can we achieve this core corporate value.

Start your career with a training or dual study program at façade specialist seele

Training & studies at seele

With eight vocational training occupations, four work/study programmes and 40 years of experience, seele also offers young talent a broad and solid range of training opportunities at our Gersthofen and Schörfling sites. Learn more about the façade specialist’s apprenticeship opportunities, the study programme and job application process.

Do you have any questions? Our HR colleagues are happy to help.

  • seele GmbH (DE)
  • Felix Ruf 
  • Human Resources Representative
  • Telephone: +49 821 2494 - 5327

  • se-austria GmbH & Co. KG (AT)
  • Cornelia Kirchgatterer 
  • Human Resources Representative
  • Telephone: +43 7662 22000 - 201