Entertainment venue of a new dimension: »Sphere« opens in Las Vegas!

09/29/2023 A new era of entertainment has begun: On Friday, 29th September, the new entertainment venue »Sphere« in Las Vegas was spectacularly opened, featuring brilliant shows and a concert by the Irish rock band U2. With the world’s largest spherical LED screen (immersive screen), »Sphere« is setting new standards.

The videos have been delighting audiences worldwide for months: the recordings show a spherical building with a diameter of 160m, whose entire LED façade is a 360-degree projection screen. But the chief attraction takes place inside the sphere. That’s where the immersive experience, the active involvement in shows, is raised to a whole new level. The 18,600 seats and 5,000 standing positions are completely enveloped, including overhead, by a gigantic spherical screen. In addition, gusts of wind or smells are suitably simulated for the show, thereby fully involving the audience in the experience.

Milestone in precision

By realising the internal substructure of the LED screen, seele departed from the usual construction projects in steel and glass and stepped into new territory with media and stage technology. This project demanded highest precision in order to achieve a homogenous, ultra-high resolution image surface. Therefore, the maximum allowable installation tolerance for the width of the gap between LED modules was irrefutable.
We are proud to have been part of this outstanding project. We would like to thank all our partners and congratulate on the opening!

You can read more about the project here.

Entertainment venue of a new dimension: »Sphere« opens in Las Vegas!