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101. “You’ll never make it!” – video shooting at seele  
Video shooting for "You'll never make it" at seele in Gersthofen … the third floor. To do this, he had to climb up the glass façade of our high-rise building dressed as Batman –…  
102. West Block Rehabilitation Project, Ottawa, Canada  
… of the Canadian Parliament. A striking curving glass roof was built over the central courtyard of the West…  
103. Diocesan Museum St. Afra, Augsburg, Germany  
… against UV light. Each element has an identical glass make-up: triple glazing on the inside, which achieves…  
104. Apple Retail Store, San Francisco, USA  
…Apple retail store San Francicso: all-glass design  
105. Los Angeles County Museum of Arts, USA  
…LACMA, Los Angeles: Steel-and-glass design with brass cladding made by seele  
106. Bloomberg Headquarters, London, UK  
… system consists of mainly triangular glass infill panels: 13 triangles consisting of two panes…  
107. Apple store San Francisco opens its doors  
… rear façades, the glazing to the east façade and the glass stairs, skylights, doors and balustrades for Apple…  
108. Private Residence, USA  
…Private residence near New York: steel-and-glass façade  
109. DIN 2304-1 Certificate Confirms Highest Quality in Adhesives Technology  
…seele was the first company in the field of glass façades and glass roof structures to be certified with the highest…  
110. Fendi Store, Tokyo, Japan  
…Fendi Store in Tokyo: steel and glass construction made by seele  
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