arch elements

2 x 12mm

printed laminated glass panes

fendi store tokio - classic steel-glass design

Fendi appointed international façade construction expert seele to devise a technical solution and build the façade for its new store in the Ginza district (Chūō City) in Tokyo. seele provided stainless steel arch elements with a special marble-look paint finish for the unconventional design by the architects from Curiosity. The 80 arch elements form 40 round arches that are screwed to the rectangular laminated glass panes via a supporting framework. Owing to the radius and their size, each deep-drawn stainless steel arch is made up of several separate parts that were welded together according to very tight tolerances so that the final appearance is impeccable. The special paint finish ensures that the completed building will have the look of a skilled combination of classical architecture and modern materials.

  • The 620sqm of glass, some of it printed, lends the building a visual lightness and creates a harmonious link with the round arches in stainless steel. The two 12mm plies making up the laminated glass panes are up to approx. 5.1m high x 1.7m wide. Digital printing was used to apply the randomly positioned white stripes to the glass, which still permits views in and out. The clear areas without printing are larger on the display windows. Besides the stainless steel arches, backlit logos of the designer brand are also attached to the laminated glass. The cables supplying the power to the logos are laminated into the glass.
    In order to check the design and the performance in advance, seele built mock-ups of two element types and tested them in Gersthofen. In addition to the visual effect, it was also necessary to test the assembly, because the arch elements were not attached to the laminated glass until after arrival on site. Only a narrow time-slot of just a few weeks was available for designing, testing and manufacturing all the elements.
    This project was a follow-up to seele’s successful involvement in the spectacular Fendi Flagship Store in Beverly Hills, USA. The new Fendi Store in Tokyo opened in 2017.


Client FENDI Japan K.K
Main contractor FENDI Japan K.K
Architect Curiosity
Engineer Kajima Corporation
Date of completion 2017
Scope of seele supply

Design, fabrication and delivery of:

  • Decorative façade elements composed of printed laminated glass and deep-drawn stainless steel arch elements
  • Printed laminated glass for ground-floor façade
  • Logos